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Hi, I am Andrew Reiffenberger, a Strategic Recruiting & Sales Executive. Thank you for viewing my profile.

Andrew Reiffenberger's Bio:

My professional bio: Andrew Reiffenberger is a FORWARD-THINKING, GOAL-ORIENTED SALES EXECUTIVE experienced in creating SHARED VALUE ACROSS STAKEHOLDERS by leveraging strength in DEVELOPING COLLABORATIVE, TRUST-BASED RELATIONSHIPS with clients and staff to create win-win solutions. Andrew Reiffenberger has experience across a range of industries, creating COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE by taking key learnings from one industry and applying them to others.  Andrew Reiffenberger has disciplined commitment to FOSTERING ORGANIZATIONAL GROWTH by:  Excellence in TEAM BUILDING; maximizing potential talent and creating teams who are best of the best in serving others through quality training curriculum development & delivery, responsive, proactive coaching, and setting clear expectations of resiliency and excellence in individual performance contributions to strategic corporate initiatives.  Excellence in BUILDING CLIENT LOYALTY; leading relationships with genuine, sincere interest in effectively meeting the needs of clients and staff members while maximizing ROI for the organization.  Excellence in DRIVING TOP-LINE REVENUES; consistently demonstrating initiative to attain optimized ROI, going above and beyond to develop and implement continuous-improvement business models and Best Practice methods.   My LinkedIn Profile   My Blog

Andrew Reiffenberger's Experience:

  • Relationship Manager at Realty Group

    Real People. Real Results. Welcome to Realty Group, Inc., an independent, locally owned full-service real estate firm in Minnesota. Realty Group, Inc. is a dedicated group of real estate professionals comprised of individuals with unique and interesting backgrounds. Realty Group, Inc. focuses on the fine details and traditional values of the client, which keeps them returning and referring friends and family for years to come. We currently employ over 80 Real Estate brokers that average at least fourteen years experience selling real estate. Our open door policy, team players and a family atmosphere are qualities that set our firm apart from the national or local chains. Realty Group, Inc. is home to many seasoned agents that gladly participate in our mentoring program for anyone that comes to our team with less experience; this allows the new agent to grow and learn while establishing their career in real estate. Whether your looking for a CHANGE, fresh start or new place to call home with that friendly, family feel - take a moment to explore Realty Group, Inc., our offices and staff. Call me, to schedule a tour and discuss the opportunity that Realty Group, Inc. will provide.

  • Recruiting Director at Recruiting Firm

    We are a firm designed to assist the active job seeker with every aspect of their career transition. We specialize in helping job seekers establish a professional brand online and then deliver a suite of tools and services that will allow you to: 1) Consistently and effectively find current opportunities. 2) Design online resumes targeted for each job you apply to. 3) Employ LinkedIn strategies to get your resume to the top of the pile on the hiring manager’s desk 4) Ace interviews by dramatically changing what you say about yourself in each interview. 5) Re-assess your retirement accounts with a personal meeting with our local financial professional. 6) Dramatically increase the number of live conversations you have with hiring managers, which in turn will substantially increase the number of interviews you go on. Our mission is to revolutionize the way our clients handle their career search. By addressing the mistakes millions of job seekers make daily, providing them with the necessary tools, and teaching them what it really takes to be productive in their search, we aim to open people’s eyes to a way of job searching that has been proven effective by the thousands of people we have helped so far.

  • Sales Agent Director at FFUSA

    Working with sales agents from all over the country on growing their business. Offering guidance, direction and leadership on being successful in achieving their goals. Through a platform of business development, First Financial helps businesses of all sizes grow charitable giving, strategically improve sales and marketing and lower the cost of their merchant services. First Financial, using our GiveBack program, donates heavily to the charities of our merchant partners. This is done so in the name of our merchants; thus providing a powerful marketing tool to those that participate in our network.

  • Financial Sales Consultant at Independent Firm

    Provided guidance, leadership, communication, and assistance to businesses and individuals striving to achieve strong financial security, selling effective insurance and investment products. •Built organization from zero to $200,000 in annual commissions within 2 years by leveraging strong knowledge of latest industry trends to avoid commodity strategy and implement needs-based sales model offering the best policies with the best service to our clientele. •Leveraged professional relationship partners to get referrals and create synergistic resources across the group. •Developed effective marketing plan by identifying clear end-goal, solidifying target market profile, utilizing relatable communication formats for target markets, and implementing consistent follow-up communication in line with brand promise. •Recruited top talent to implement customer service model developed through previous work experience and innate aptitude for strong customer service. •Collaborated with Office Manager to effectively leverage strengths of individual agents to better utilize talent of entire team, supporting diverse work environment. •Consistently 150%+ to monthly quota with 96% client retention rate. •Created environment of strong staff engagement building up team morale by requesting and sharing effective feedback with peers that had been operating independently, leading to strong collaboration that ultimately resulted in effective performance improvements. • Adept at quickly learning new products and sales strategies to offer a broader scope of services that I could effectively tailor to my target market with ease. •Honed skills in relationship development through strong cross selling experience. •Successful prospecting through cold calls, direct contact, exhibits at trade shows, referrals, and direct mailings. •Consistently 37% higher than my peer group and positioning myself to always be the go-to person for coaching and guidance on becoming a top-performer.

Andrew Reiffenberger's Education:

  • The University of North Dakota

    Bachelor of Business Administration
    Concentration: Finance

Andrew Reiffenberger's Interests & Activities:

On a personal note, I love the outdoors, comedy, bbq, fitness, my family, sports and my 2 dogs. I am very hardworking, honest and ethical.

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